Sunday, 13 March 2011

A better week with a tough finish

So on the back of my ankle injury last week this weeks training was a little lighter than planned, and nowhere near what it needed to be to get me near to PB fitness for today's half marathon.

Monday was a complete rest day, thought I'd try and consolidate what training I managed last weekend. Tuesday was swimming time, another pull buoy session. Managing to keep up with people using just my arms though. Thankfully it was another session that could be done quite well as pull with some 'long' (200m) sets and shorter stuff, done as front crawl and #1 stroke, which is conveniently front crawl.

Wednesday I managed to fit in a turbo session, did Sufferfest: Revolver again. It really is a brutal turbo session and put that 'about to vomit' lump in the back of my throat. Hoping it will work it's magic and get me bike fit though, what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger.

Thursday and I was back in the pool again. More pull, this time it wasn't as pull buoy friendly with some IM and IMO thrown in, along with some kick (didn't do). Still made it through and even managed some pull buoy less swimming during the sprints at the end. It even felt like I managed a proper dive, my arms definitely went in the water first.

Friday was another rest day whilst I drove back to the parents in preparation for the half. I managed to fit in a little training on Saturday though. After mowing the lawns I went the gym with dad for a swim. Managed to fit in 8 lots of 200m doing various drills and strokes. Even managed to fit in 200m without the aid of a pull buoy.

I suffered for that I think though. Woke up this morning and the ankle hurt quite a bit. Not a promising start to the day. Which brings me to the event of the week (and the month really). Today was the Milton Keynes Half Marathon. We arrived in plenty of time, so spent it walking around Xscape, with everything but the coffee shops and fast food outlets shut, but it was warm and dry inside. There was of course the security guards walking around, that informed a group of runners stretching on the floor out the way that sitting on the floor wasn't allowed. Get a life dude! The time came for the 10K start, Dad was doing this so we headed out. I needed the loo so decided to jog down to the loos. It didn't feel good, I wasn't sure if it was wise to continue. The 10K start came and went and I spotted a few others from the BCTTT so headed over and said hi before dropping of my hoodie with Mum just before the start. Then we were allowed out to the start line. What a cluster this was going to be. No pace groupings. Uh Oh, I was worried I was too far forward but went with it.  Turns out I wasn't really and the first couple of miles was a bit of a 'dodge the person in front' game. The road surface was terrible too. I was getting pretty afraid that I was going to roll my ankle, which was complaining slightly. I was also way off target pace. I was aiming to do 4:44 kilometres. I ran the first K in 4:11, next in 4:18, way way too fast. Coming up to 10K it looked like I was on course for a 10K PB (I still need to check the Garmin data, it still might be). By kilometre 14 the wheels were starting to come off the cart. km 13-14 was my first over 5 minute, I pulled it back over the next one, but looking at the limited HR data to hand it appears I was running well over where my lactate threshold should be, not a good thing to do with 6K still to run. That when my quads gave in. They hurt, a lot. every uphill section became a major chore, running was no longer 'fun' it was a matter of survival. Things got worse as the number of underpasses increased. The pain in my left quad started to radiate around my hip into my glutes. 15km in I had looked at my watch and thought, 6K to go, 30 minutes left for a PB, 5 minute kilometres, seemed doable. With 4km to go I could see the snow dome again, it seemed very far away, surely more than 4 kilometres again. The pain kept getting worse and I was now walking up every slope from the underpasses. Playing leapfrog with green jersey guy that was also struggling, I could run slightly faster, but he could walk faster. Then came the bridge. It was so unpleasant. I was so close to crying as I walked up to the top of it. Finally came the signs I had been waiting for 500m to go, 200m to go, people were sprinting past me left right and centre, but I had left everything on the course. I crossed the line 1:42:58 after crossing the start line. A few minutes away from a PB, but all things considered a very good performance. My ankle didn't cause me trouble, and is still fine. Post race wasn't fun, I staggered around the finishing chute, past some poor person that had left everything on the course judging by the ambulance staff. I had to sit down to take my chip off as my legs wouldn't let me bend down. After grabbing a bottle of water and my medal I proceeded to a clear section of car park, to go and sit in. After a few minutes my support team arrived, offered me warm clothes then I tried to walk back to the car. OMG it hurt, my brother, who we always need to wait for looked frustrated I was walking so slow.

Will post Garmin data tomorrow.

Weekly roundup, Swim 2 hours 40 minutes (6330m), 48 minute turbo, 1hour 43 minute run (21.1km)

Mon - rest
Tue pm - Swim 1 hour (2450m)
Wed pm - 48 minute turbo
Thur pm - Swim 1 hour (2280m)
Fri - rest
Sat pm - Swim 40 minutes (1600m)
Sun am - Run 1:42:58 (Half marathon)

Next week is going to be a recovery week of swimming and turboing, plus I need to fit the weekends training around a stag party, could prove challenging.

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