Thursday, 24 February 2011

Back in the groove, hopefully

Having sat down and worked out the schedule of pain I tired to jump feet first into training this week. After a bumpy start things are looking good and hormone release from exercise has hit and even a rubbish week at work isn't getting me down. Hopefully it will last better than my single good week earlier this year.

Monday didn't get off to a good start. I'd planned on doing my three loop 16K run as some long distance run practice for the impending half marathon.  Things didn't go so well. 5K in and I started getting some GI discomfort. By kilometer 6 I was on an all out sprint home. Who would win? Me or my GI tract? Well, by the narrowest of margins I did. Needless to say the effort involved in winning the 'race' left me feeling less than optimal about going back out, given the time and the 0415 alarm the next day I decided to think of the big picture. Wise move I think.

Tuesday was a pretty good day. The light at the end of the tunnel when starting work before 6am is that you finish just after 2pm, providing plenty of training opportunities in daylight hours. Having attempted a turbo session before Masters swimming a few weeks ago I thought I'd try a run. This run turned out to be a little quicker than planned, I ended up getting around the 6.7K loop in a time that would translate to an acceptable 10K time. Oh well. Come 1930 and time to get in the pool and I managed to hold on, well enough at least. Having refused to lead during the warm up knowing I would burn myself out I managed to finish the 2300m (including a 300m IM drill/swim set) having only dropped halfway through the group in the lane. Given my choice to fuel with water/Nuun 'as it's only an hour' I'm happy. Fueling with water/Nuun was a stupid choice.

Part of me had intended to do a Turbo session yesterday afternoon, but I talked myself into a rest day. I think this was a good idea. Well, it meant I was well rested for a tough day at work today. The weather was gorgeous this afternoon, so I decided to make the most of it and headed out for 7K run. Pleased with that one too, without trying managed to hold a decent pace, calves are a bit sore but hey ho. Masters tonight and I will be taking Powerbar Energize in the vain hope I'll be able to hold my speed better.

Hopefully my spirits will remain high, lots planned for the next few days, work run club tomorrow lunch, might squeeze a swim in in the evening, 60K bike Saturday, sailing Sunday morning and a 20K run for Sunday afternoon/evening. At this rate I may even stand a chance getting that little bit closer to race weight. Here's hoping.

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