Saturday, 26 February 2011

A busy start to the weekend

So I've managed to cram plenty in to the past few days. I managed a swim, run, and decent bike in the past 48 hours and the weekends not over yet.

Thursdays swim went much better than Tuesdays. The use of and energy drink certainly kept things moving. It was a pretty hard set in fact. The warm up included the requisite amount of IM to make it brutal. 6x75m of IM drill/swim with no crawl. The kick in the teeth came next, 2x200m of IM done as 100s, except the time we went of meant it was more like 4x100m IM with no rest. To make things even better then we moved on to lots and lots of pull. My shoulders we ready to fall off by the end.

Friday bought the runners club at work, the slower runner had a cold so I had a feeling it might be a hard run. Time wise it wasn't too bad, but with the faster guy I normally pace off going easy for a half marathon he's got this weekend I was holding back a bit. Still, the pace I managed might have been a bit too much for the coach, he had to walk /slow jog the last mile as his calf gave out. Oops. That drew the 'is the pace of these runs too slow for you' question at the end. Thing is, the pace was what is normally just right for me and it might have felt a little slow.

This morning I did my usual checks, resting heart rate is up to 46 and BP is a little higher than normal. Guess this means I'm getting a bit overtrained. Oh well, Monday can be a rest day. Today was a 'long' bike. Long in this sense meant 60k, not really that long, but tough enough given last weekends attempt. My usual route of this length was a bit crap last weekend, too much traffic. So I decided to plan a route in 'hills' to the east of Winchester. The weather was looking rather good as I got ready. Of course when I walked out the door the clouds came over. It was actually quite a good ride, I had no power on the hills but my legs weren't rebelling so that was a bonus. About halfway in I got a little drizzle but then the sun came back and the ride finished quite nicely. My plan to cross the top of Southampton on the way home almost back fired. Having had a rather uneventful ride one driver had his go a killing me. Why the hell he felt the need to look back at me then pull in hard to the curb is beyond me. I stopped soon enough to stay out of danger, but reminded me how much I hate trying to filter through traffic.

Once home I had a go at cramming as much as possible into the afternoon. After a quick lunch, hair cut and shower it was off to Tesco to buy some food for dinner. Got back with just enough time to spend 30 minutes getting my bike cleaned up, start cooking dinner and then sit down to watch the England match. I'm now filled up with one of my excellent chillies, with a couple of portions for after training tomorrow and on Monday night. Tomorrow could be an interesting day. I shall be attempting a jam packed morning of sailing combined with 20K run when I get back from it. Hopefully it will all go well. I'll let you know tomorrow.

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