Sunday, 27 February 2011

The less glamorous side of distance training

So my big finale to the week is done, not without incident however. The day got off to a good start, the sun was shining, the wind was good, perfect for a mornings racing out on the water. This blog isn't about my exploits sailing, so I'll leave the details for another time. We didn't do too badly though, narrowly missing first place by <10s in our first race and coming 5th in our second race, only 5s separated the 3rd place boat and us. The second race wasn't picture perfect for another reason, the rain. The nasty front of rain came across for the duration of the second race, it bought wind too, so I spent 1/3 of the time grinding the spinny sheet, good upper body workout though. Still it brigthened up as we came back into the marina, ideal for the run I had planned. Just to make life better though having had a light lunch of penut buttre on toast and given it an hour to settle it started hailing on and off. D'oh. Still, 40 minutes later the sky looked like it was clearing more permantly so I headed out on my run.

It was feeling quite good as I headed out, running easy at a gentle pace. By 2K I was getting the impression it might be a tough run. 5 hours on a boat isn't exactly equivalent to a long bike ride, but it sure as hell took some energy out of me. So why I opted to turn left at the top of The Common and head up to the sports ground is beyond me. I mean what kind of idiot knowingly opts to through a few hills into a long run when they are not even feeling strong? Well this kind did. By the time I had run up the gentle drag to the pro's shop on the golf course I was regretting every footfall of it. Golf Course Road was still to come, an ~8-10% slope that lasts about 500m. It wasn't pretty. I made it to the top in one piece and had my brief respite while the traffic light changed. It was time for my first feed at 6K as I was now on a nice gentle downhill all the way back to the entrance of The Common. As I embarked on what I had intended to be the first figure of eight rumblings were occurring, Rumbling of the gastrointestinal kind that have been plaguing me all week. I guess this is in part down the recent changes in my diet. I've practically cut out the junk I like to eat in the evenings and now snack on apples/carrots/dried fruit/nuts. It's made me more regular, regularly inconvenient that is. Anyway back to my run, and the less glamorous side of distance training. I made it halfway round my figure eight when the rumblings became groanings. I knew then it was all going to go wrong so at 13K I made the decision to head home, by 14K I knew I'd made the right choice. After a brief interlude I was in good form again. And I managed to find it in myself to go back out and finish the run I started. So I knocked out a 5.8km loop. I managed it at a quicker average pace than the first 14.5K too.

At home with my feet up typing this and I feel knackered, but not broken. It has been a good week. Just under 9 hours of training shoehorned into this week (excluding the sailing, worth about 2 probably, but I don't log it). Swim 2 hours (5km), Bike 61km, & Run 49.3km

Mon pm - 6.6km Run
Tues pm - 6.8km Run & 1 hour swim (2300m)
Wed - Rest day
Thur pm - 7.1km Run & 1 hour swim (2700m)
Fri pm - 8.4km Run
Sat am - 61km Cycle
Sun pm - 20.3km Run

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