Monday, 8 February 2010

A couple of runs

Yesterday morning I got to go and play in the mud.  I went for a run in the fields by the river at my parents.  It was a nice run, started off a bit quick, but was soon slowed down as the mud got wetter and thicker.  I crossed over the river and ended up on an area of wet mud where building work had recently finished.  Bedford mud is really clay, London was rebuilt with bricks dug from Bedford.  I picked up so much mud my shoes must have weighed an extra 500g each.  I now agree with the idea that weight is 7 times worse on the feet than on the body.  It was like running through treacle.  Looped back and down by the river where I was running at christmas. Managed 13.5 km in 1hr15, not a bad effort considering the terrain.

Tonight's club training was 4x1km reps. It was cold and it hurt.  4 good reps all things considered.3:43 (downhill), 4:04 (uphill), 3:48, and 4:08.  Max HR pushing 89% on each set, with average HR about 85%. Good % recoveries during the short rest periods.  My calves were burning by the end though. Oww.  Swimming tomorrow, a chance to see if another week off has allowed my shoulder to recover properly.

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