Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Pain free swimming, and pain inducing turboing

This morning started with a swim session.  I managed 900m of front crawl in total, 2x200, 1x400 and 1x100m, all without feeling pain in my shoulder.  So I didn't push it too much too soon I also mixed in 600m of FC, BK and dolphin kick.  Good news at last,  so tomorrow I'll go for another short swim session.

Tonight was murder on the turbo.  Another endurance set.  After the first 10 minutes my quads were complaining.  So I pushed on for another hour. Oww oww oww. The set was 10 minutes on aerobars, 5 mins off 3 times then 5 on 2.5 off twice. They are getting easier, the first two just seemed to fly by, the third was getting tough and the shorter ones were all I had left in me  To cool down I did 4x1 mins single leg drills.  These seemed easier than the ones I did last week.  There are some serious dead spots in my pedal stroke though.  More single leg drills are in order. Maybe in my warm up as well as cool down.

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