Sunday, 28 February 2010

A low volume week.

Monday was some sort of recovery run.  Turned up the club run session, which was descending sets.5 min run, 5 rest, 4 run, 4 rest....1 run.  I didn't run too hard during the ons, and slow jogged during the some of the rest breaks.  Calf felt a bit tight, guess that is to be expected.  A decent run season all told, felt much better for having gone out and done it.  Nearly 8km in total.

Tuesday was my swim session, was the only one in the lane reserved for the club for the first 30 minutes so got quite a few dirty looks from the other people crowded into the other lanes. Oh well.  After 400m of crawl and backstroke to warm up a healthy dose of kick sets then some drills.  Did some drill sets then, 75m sets of 25 kick, 25 drill, and 25 full stroke with 10s between sets.  Quite like these as it gets kick and drills working together without getting boring.  Main set of 5x200m on 4:00 and then some more kick to finish off.

Wednesday brought my weekly spin session.  Forgot my HRM so felt rather naked during it.  Didn't have the benefit of the fan either so ended up rather hot.  Felt like I had actually worked hard after it though.

Thursday was to be my rest day, in the end I've had three (Saturday and Sunday too, oops).

Friday was my second swim session of the week at the club session.  Reasonable warm up of 4 x 125m then a  10x100m main set.  Coming in on 1:43 ish.  Not wonderful, really want my shoulder to get better so I can improve on it.

D day is getting closer and my training is suffering badly now, not gonna have much time in the evenings for trainings for a while whilst I try and finish my thesis.  Hopefully something good will happen next week.

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