Saturday, 6 February 2010

Runs, Turboing and Fraudsters

So I've been lazy with the blog for another week.  Monday brought the club running session, short sprint sets.  Wasn't really feeling speed after the brick session on sunday.  Had a little issue with the Garmin as well, the screen locked an the keys became unresponsive, not sure if it was a gremlin or I managed to lock the keys.

Tuesday I got up and went to the pool, my shoulder wasn't up to it though so had to make do with some kick sets.  I think the planks in the cool down of the running might be the culprit there, oh well.  Tuesday evening I decided to do a Turbo session.  An hour set, in front of the radiator.  Doing 10mins on tri bars, 5 mins relaxed on hoods/drops.  Good workout, although a tad wet.

Wednesday was spinning in the evening, somehow I managed to achieve a decent HR in the session, not sure how but it worked out alright in the end.

Thursday and I did the same Turbo session again, this time I weighed myself before and after.  Lost 700g even after drinking 700ml of fluid.  Hmmm a tad hot I think.  Then training possibilities took a down turn. 2-4-1 cocktails at the triathlon club social + late night + early morning = not feeling good. So when the Friday night swimming session was cancelled Friday became a rest day.

Then Friday evening went bad.  whilst browsing the 220 forum I came across a post about the Challenge Barcelona.  It seems I have been duped into entering with the former organisers who have been stripped of the contract.  This is all rather annoying, having followed a link from the main Challenge site I entered.  It seems that this organiser is still selling places for the event, with this years dates even after they have had their contract cancelled.  After searching the internet it seems challenge have promised that all age groupers can race without having to pay twice, so having emailed the new organisers I'm hoping my place is guaranteed, although it is a week earlier, so I now have a weeks less training time.  All a bit of a mess really, my credit card company should hopefully cover the fee, but as someone that is very careful about ordering online a rather stressful experience.

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