Thursday, 24 December 2009

An interesting swim

So, I've returned home for Xmas and went off to the local pool with my Dad for an evening swim.  Now this pool is a 33m one, so I was planning on sets of 6 lengths for a nice 200m set.  That wasn't to be.  They were re-grouting to sides of the pool so you couldn't swim lengths.  The pool is about 12m wide with a diving pit approx. 12x12m on the side.  So the swim was from the side of the diving pit, through to a lane rope 1 lane from the side of the pool.  About 22m in all.  Not having a wall to push off at the other end made it quite amusing, having to stop in 2m deep water and start again proved different training.  My water starts will now be much better come next open water season having done 45 of them.  A couple of other positive, my dolphin kick is getting reasonable now and I don't lose any speed doing it.  For my last set I also managed to squeeze a few "tumble" turns in, although judging distance from the wall was quite tricky.

Hopefully the ice will have melted tomorrow and it will be safe to try out my new Innov-8 Terroc's.  Look out for the review soon.

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