Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A slow return to training

Having been unable to move without severve discomfort yesterday (it seems almost very muscle group decided my half marathon attempt was unfair and wanted me to know it) I decided a gentle swim was in order today. Well I wasn't going to push myself anyway.

Well the session started alright and was actually faster than it felt.  A warm up, some kick drills, swim drill, more kick drills and then a few sets of 200m to practice tumble turns.  Now I'm not very good at tumble turns anyaway, but somehow I've got worse.  I either spun round on the surface, or ended up deep in the water, it was no doubt quite amusing to watch.  I'm hoping it is just being physically tired.  On the plus side my dolphin kick off the wall is getting better; I can now get 5-6m from the wall comfortably with it. The breathe on every third is also coming on, I almost managed not to get a mouthful of water today.

Total for the day 1750m swum.
Goal for tomorrow, get back up to 2000m and practice turns again.

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