Sunday, 27 December 2009

A new love of running?

So I've started getting slack with the blog already, well it was going to happen.  The past couple of days have brought another couple of runs, one of 10k and a 9.25K this morning.  It's much more fun now the snow and ice has has melted.  The Inov-8 's are really good shoes, they just eat up the muddy ground, although I came close to losing traction on a patch of clay/mud this morning.

I seem to be really enjoying running at the moment.  Now normally I hate the idea of going off to plod around the common on the paths, it's just soooo boring, but it needs to be done.  Running off road however just seems so much fun.  It might just be because it's new and different, but it might be the fresh air, isolation and the challenge in running off road.  Running through the muddy ground is taxing on the mind as well as the body.  I think I like the challenge of looking for my next foot placement, something you can forget about on tarmac, but will quickly lead to a sprained ankle if you miss a fallen branch or a patch of ice off road.  With the current desire for building houses everywhere I'm fast losing options of trails to run on around my parents though, and it is going to take a trip to the New Forest to get the same thing in Southampton.  So the magic may be maintained.  It is feeling good on my joints though, after 27K in three days I have no ankle, knee or hip pain, but my calves are burning a bit.

On another note the Garmin is doing nicely.  I barely notice it on my wrist, the new design heart rate strap is really comfortable, one of the features I liked about my old Polar RS200 was the strap.  It's nice to be able to look at my routes and see where I could have gone if I had made a different turn without having to map it all manually.

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