Tuesday, 29 December 2009

A Run, A Swim, and a swim nemesis?

Today I went back to two training sessions in a day; an 8K run before lunch, and a 3K swim sesion before dinner.  The run was nice, but not exactly pleasant as it had started to rain.  The Garmin had a few gremlins to start with too, the initial GPS lock was a couple of hundred metres from where I started, I managed to glance at it whilst it was correcting itself, and apparently I was running at 86 km/h.  Even Usain Bolt would be impressed with that.  Other than the cold and the rain the run was pretty uneventful, the ground has hardened up a bit though.  I think I prefered the mud.

I made some soup this afternoon as well.  Whilst not strictly triathlon related, it is a nice healthly & tasty recipe ideal for triathletes.  The recipe is also available on the BBC website (ital carrot and sweet potato).  It filled a nice hole post swim training this evening.

The swim session was pretty reasonable too. 200m warm up, then some backstroke kick sets (3x66m) and a main set.  Given I had to pay for the public pool I thought I'd get my money's worth with this and made a 13 x 200m on 4:00 set out of it.  Then a tough (by that stage) 200m backstroke cool down.  Swimming in a 'new' pool though did bring with it the opportunity for a nemesis or two to appear.  First off there was the yobbish guy in the general swim area plodding up and down.  Then all of a sudden he started swimming crawl. It wasn't good crawl, but the sheer speed with which he was moving his arms and legs meant he was just as fast as me. I only just saved face becasue he could only keep it up for one and half lengths.  Then there was the lady in the medium lane, whose breast stroke I can only assume was a slow warm up, because her crawl was almost as fast as mine.  I think some more speed based training is in order.

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