Sunday, 20 December 2009

More Titanic Turns, retail therapy, oh and a run

So, more Titanic turns on Thursday and Friday, I may be starting to get there however. I came close to a complete turn on Friday.  And then proceeded to go back to my 90 degree, swim to the pool bottom turns.  I now need to start moving closer in to the wall and actually try to push off.  But progress, in some shape or form.

On Saturday it was time for some retail therapy.  Having been woken up early I set off to find some off-road running shoes.  I went to the local running shop, described what I wanted and was presented with 2 options, neither of which really were what I wanted, but I tried them.  Neither felt right anyway.  Then I tried some Innov-8 Terrocs.  They were more the style I wanted.  Unfortunately they only had them in 11.5 so when I tried running in them it felt a bit tight in the right foot, but the left was good.  No matter though, Wiggle to the rescue.  And a hefty discount too.  RRP £70, wiggle price including discounts  £48.50. Not bad  So Santa should be bringing me a present on Tuesday, just in time for some running in the fields to burn off the Turkey and Pies.  The rest of the day was one of rest, well more shopping anyway.

Then today, although I wasn't feeling in the zone I headed out for a run.  Which turned out to be quite treacherous.  It seems the recent cold weather mixed in with a bit of rain has turned all the pavements around The Avenue/Southampton Common into ice rinks.  Once out though, I felt good, and managed just over 13km.

Not a wonderful week for training, but I think it is time for a few low volume weeks.
Weekly totals: Swim 6750m, Run 13.1km.

Next week it will be time to get back on the turbo.

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