Friday, 25 December 2009

Santa's Gift of Garmin

So today brought presents from the overweight, unshaven man in a red suit.  And chief among the gifts was a Garmin forerunner 310XT.  Well first impressions are it is a lovely piece of kit.  Having charged it up and fetched my grandparents I was allowed off into the fields to try it out along with my new shoes which have been eagerly waiting by the front door for the snow to melt.

I managed a pretty quick 8km run (43:40, off road in mud, ice and snow) as a 4km out and back.  I can't do the Garmin justice yet as I haven't had a proper chance to test it but it is certainly comfortable on the wrist, the vibration on the 1km autolaps was pretty neat too.  I shall update on this as I try it out more.

The Inov-8 terrocs were pretty amazing as well. the only spot where I slipped was on some ice on the driveway, the rest of the mud and snow were no match for the grip on the soles of them.  They dug in incredibly well and I always felt secure.  The amount of mud and ice they flicked behind me is testament to this.  They were very comfortable as well off road, they are definately not meant for tarmac though as the lack of cushioning was apparent.  They are definately recommended by me and I would happily pay £70 for another pair, the saving a Wiggle is and added bonus.

I hope Santa brought you all the Gadegets and Carbon Fibre you desired.

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