Friday, 8 January 2010

A big swimming day

So this morning I had my punishment for not doing a turbo session last night; a 2000m session on my normal rest day.  I mixed it up alternating sets of pull and normal to save myself.  Turned out to be a reasonable swim in the end.

Then this evening was some proper punishment in the form of club training.  The 4x200m warm up was good, I managed a first set of 3:08, and the others on about 3:15.  Those timings I'm pretty damn pleased with.  The punishment continued with a 2x100m on 1:55, 1x50m side kick on 1:35 repeated 4 times.  Not particulary pleasant, but again happy with the splits.  An easier 7x50m pull followed then a 300m cool down.

Total daily swim 4450m, three day total 9700m!!

On another note I got an email from VO2 about the 3.8km swims this year, now I'm getting ideas about which ones to do. Details at  I also have to commend Garmin customer support today.  I rang up this morning after my speed/cadence sensor broke, after a couple of minutes on the phone they said they would send a new one out, no need to return the old one, just email delivery details to them along with the order receipt. 30 minutes later confirmation through.

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