Sunday, 3 January 2010

A reasonable run and a good swim

Today was a day of decent training.  It started with a nice 12km run through the fields before lunch.  It wasn't entirely comfortable though, the ground was still quite frozen which made it a bit hard to run on.  Never mind, put in a decent time though doing it in 63 minutes at 70-80% HR Max.  I think it is time to retest that though.  If the weather is good I may make a trip to the hill on Golf Course Road next weekend and punish myself.  Still it is all good base training.

A few hours later my dad arrived back and wanted to go swimming, my calves and Achilles were sore, but never mind off to the pool.  A nice 2100m in the pool and I had forgotten those aches and pains.  My underwater kick has got quite good, I managed a few lengths of 15m before surfacing, the maximum allowed.  Hopefully that will make it easier so I can take a few strokes before needing to breath upon surfacing.  I worked on my stroke too, I think I'm bending my arm less, when I concentrate on it it actually feels quite natural.  I also had a go at some turn practice again.  Not sure the other pool users appreciated it (specifically the woman who got in pushed off doing "front crawl" and after 10m almost came to a halt, it seems the push off was where she got her speed), but what the hell.  I put in a few decent turns, hopefully I'll do a proper tumble turn soon.

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