Friday, 22 January 2010

It may have been wetter on the turbo than outside

Since I can't swim at the moment, tonight was a turbo session.  Having got changed and ready to go, seems my rear wheel developed a puncture over the last week.  Cue a race-esque tube change.  The old one seems to have split open, no damage to tyre so must just be age.  With a bike ready to go it was time to start.   Tonight's main entertainment was the Top Gear Africa special.  An hour of L1/L2 cycling, in a hot room  later and I was virtually dripping with sweat.  Then onto the next set, Spinervals 23, a half hour tempo/TT sprint workout.  I was pretty wrecked after that.  Top tip, white cycling jersey + hot room + buckets of sweat = bad idea.  Suitable for use in a private home only, it was so wet I could wring sweat out of it.  I'd call that a successful session.

A good session, the 1 1/2 hours went fairly quickly, seems the hour TV + spinervals to finish combo worked out pretty well.  Next time three bottle of fluids, or a cooler room.

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