Thursday, 14 January 2010

Running at last!

Today started off with another swim, not as far as i'd planned (2750 not 3000m) as I was performing badly, mostly due to to spinning last night I think.  It wasn't the most enjoyable swim, the lane was quite busy and halfway through my 4x400m set two meatheads from the swim team joined the lane.  They obviously had ideas about owning the lane as swim etiquette was lacking, I got hit mid calf 4 times by one guy.  Tap my feet and I'll let you past, hit me in the calf and it'll piss me off and slow me down.  Doing fly down the middle of lane is not particularly friendly either.  Anyway, finished off with some more kick, my legs are hurting less now which is good.

This evening I was in for a treat, the snow and ice is gone, so I can go running.  It may have been dull laps round the dark paths of Southampton common, but it was nice to be running again.  Timings weren't exactly wonderful at 45mins for 8km, but it was a reasonable zone 2 workout.  And it is good to be training again.

I think a gentle swim is in order tomorrow morning, nothing too taxing before evening training.

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