Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A good day for training

Well today started off as a good training day.  After walking to the pool in the snow (which unfortunately didn't deter as many people as last week) my warm up started off with a nice couple of quick 200's.  Then one of the clubs didn't turn up for their lane so I moved into that for some kick sets.  Then onto 5 x 400m off 8:00.  Looked at my watch at the end of the first one, 6:52, a new PB for a training swim (7:00 previously).  Two more sub 7:00 400's and the lack of carbs in my drink caught up with me and fatigue set in, still managed sub 7:15 though.  Finished off with some more kick sets, which my legs didn't mind so much today incidently.  All in all a very nice 3000m swim that left me feeling pretty good for the rest of the day.

This evening was a Spinning class, involving lots of 'hills'.  As spin classes go it wasn't too bad for me, although my legs hurt like hell.  I may sleep in my calf guards, and I really should buy some compression tights.  Hopefully a few more of those and the turbo will seem like the easier option.  Coach Troy may have to work his magic at the weekend though looking at the weather forecast.

A good day overall, 2 1/4 hours of training, 3000m swum, a gym warm up, and an hours spinning.  Bring on tomorrow

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