Saturday, 16 January 2010

A long run

This afternoon the rain stopped.  So I decided to go for a run.  I made a slight mistake in wearing one two many layers but it was a pretty good run all in all.  I started off with the aim of doing two big laps of the common (~10km).  Even though I was slowly boiling away inside my jacket I was enjoying the run so I added an extra loop in.  Then I extended it further taking another detour on the way home and made it 15km, in an hour 20.  A pretty reasonable zone 2/3 run.  Only spoilt by dog walkers.  I don't mind well behaved dogs off the lead, but if you have an unruly dog, please, please, please keep it on the lead.  Each time a dog runs up to me and stops in front on me making me stop, as cruel as it sounds, I get more and more inclined to carry on running through the dog.

A good run, maybe a brick session tomorrow, I'm thinking of a 45min turbo then a 5k run.  I find out in the morning if I can be bothered.

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