Thursday, 21 January 2010

Fit for the knacker's yard?

Seems my shoulder is properly damaged and it is time to rest.  Feeling good I turned up to swimming on Tuesday morning, did a few 200m warm up swims then the pain returned.  Cue stopping front crawl and 1000m of kick drills to avoid completely wasting the session.  It seems it is time to rest it properly, a full week off is in order, as hard as it is to take.  I haven't stopped training completely though.

Running doesn't cause pain, cue a 10K run before lunch yesterday.  I saw a break in the clouds and decided to go for it, luckily I put my decent waterproof jacket on when I went out, 10 minutes out and the sky decided I wasn't suffering enough and unleashed an unpleasant mix of rain and snow on me.  Oh well, I pushed through it finishing 10K in just over 51 minutes in L2a/L2b.

Then in the evening I went to the spinning class.  My legs have only just forgiven me.  A one hour class that was predominantly "hills".  I just couldn't get my heart rate out of L1 on them, my quads and hamstrings hurt too much.  The sprints were good though pushing my heart rate right up into L3 territory.  I felt somewhat wrecked afterwards, I really must buy some compression tights, maybe next week I'll wiggle some and write at home that day...

Anyway, full rest day today, maybe a turbo session tomorrow.  We'll see what the weather has to offer before planning the weekned session, it would be nice to get out into the New Forest for a run.

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