Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Proper Training Again

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep. Back to Southampton and and back to the 6:20 alarm.  A step on the scales, and it seems Christmas was kind to me, I actually lost a little weight.  A nice slow walk in the snow and then time for a dip in the pool.  The snow was good, it meant I pretty much had the lane to myself.  So after a 500m warm up a main set of 10x200m on 4:00.  Going back to a 25m pool I was able to see that the video analysis has paid off, my times have already dropped by 5s / 200m.  A good session of 2650m in all.

On the way home I saw the type of cyclist that gives others a bad name.  Well I call him a cyclist, it was really two kids on a BMX.  They rode straight from a side street in front of me onto the snow covered main road without even looking at the oncoming cars.  Idiots.

This evening I got the turbo out.  After replacing my garmin speed sensor and setting it up I hopped on and started pedalling.  After 10 minutes the wheel started slipping.  After getting off I seems it has got another flat this inner tube seems a bit crap.  Put the road wheel on to finish the session, 45 minutes.  By the end the room had warmed up nicely. I was knackered though, 90km sweating like that could be interested.

1 hour 40mins proper training. Bring on tomorrow.

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